Air transportation

Авиаперевозки в Казахстане и СНГ TOO ASA Садыков А АDespite the relatively high cost of air transportation in comparison with other two modes of transportation (land or sea), air transportation is particularly actively used for the transportation of goods over long distances, for the delivery of which speed and safety are important (food, expedient shipment, expensive goods, medicines and etc.). Transportation by air allows you to significantly reduce the overall time of cargo delivery and address the problem of cargo transportation almost anywhere in the world. This is because of ever-expanding range of goods and cargo that require fast and high-quality delivery. And such conditions are only possible through air transportation.
Currently, air transportation is the most promising direction of international cargo transportation. Undoubted advantages - efficiency and reliability. Air transportation is the most modern way of transportation, since it is in some cases the only way to deliver goods to the point of destination.

Air transportation services:
* Air transportation in Kazakhstan and all over the world through leading domestic and foreign airlines;
* Advance reservation of air transportation, information support of cargo along the whole route with the provision of information on actual location;
* Arrangement of freight forwarding to/from the airport of departure/arrival;
* Freight forwarding and air transportation requiring special conditions for transportation, handling and storage (expedited, dangerous, perishable, etc.);
* Consulting services on customs matters;
* Air transportation of heavy-load and oversize cargo; ;
* Arrangement of charter service of all types in any direction;
* Arrangement of transit carriage.

Air transportation ensures 100% safety of transported goods, while during transportation by road or railway, emergencies often arise. Along with this, international air transportation can become the only possible way of delivering goods due to the difficult geographical location of the final destination or due to the specificity of the transported goods (for example, perishable goods). If a few years ago, air transportation was only available to large companies, today representatives of medium and small enterprises also refer to air transportation services.

Currently, LLP “ASA Sadykov A.A” is able to carry out air transportation not only of small but also oversize cargo in accordance with all safety requirements. Calculation of tariffs is based on the most profitable rates of Russian and foreign airlines, and taking into account the requirements for delivery conditions.