Cargo handling and storage

 Хранение и обработка грузовFor the storage of consolidated cargo, our company uses the most modern warehouse equipped with high-performance equipment that ensures the safety of goods while in the warehouse and the safe transportation of cargo to the point of destination.
Repacking procedure eliminates the risk of spoilage of the consolidated cargo. Having taken advantage of the delivery of consolidated cargo offered by us, the customer gets several major advantages, first of all reduction of delivery expenses. This is because the costs of transportation are evenly distributed among several participants in the process. There are minor costs in case of small cargo, which is especially important for the international delivery of goods.




We can provide our warehouses in the following areas

Warehouses in Kazakhstan

Our Company also provides cargo consolidation service from Kazakhstan. Our warehouse is located in the city of Almaty, Angarskaya Street 115a.
More details about storage in a warehouse in Almaty, as well as consolidation, you can get by phones:



Warehouses in Russia

LLP “ASA Sadikov A.A” provides cargo consolidation service from Russia to Kazakhstan
A vast number of goods are transported from Moscow to Kazakhstan - the range is impressive: equipment, raw materials, building materials, petrochemicals, metals, consumer goods and food products.
Our Company has a warehouse in Moscow, which allows us to take cargo from anywhere in Moscow and Moscow region.
For consolidation from Russia to Kazakhstan, please contact us by phones:




Warehouses in China

With the help of consolidation, you can transport small volumes of goods in any direction in a short time and with minimum costs.
Our company is engaged in international transportation of various types of cargo from China to all countries of Central Asia and Russia. At the same time, it takes the goods from the warehouses in Khorgos.
Managers of our Company will provide you with the calculation of cost and terms of transportation from China in a short time.
For consolidation from China to Kazakhstan, please contact us by phones: