Консолидация грузов в Казахстане, России и стран СНГ ТОО ASA Садыков А.А.Our task is to completely satisfy you by providing services at a highly professional level and delivering the goods in its entirety and good condition at the specified address. The secret of successful activity depends largely on how reliable your partners are. We will do our best to become your reliable partner, and that the necessary delivery within Kazakhstan is carried out reliably, in a good manner and on time.
Purchase of goods in small batches from different suppliers in different cities and countries is not uncommon today. Such batches of goods need to be delivered to the point of destination on favorable terms and as quickly as possible.
Consolidation (consolidated goods) is the consolidation of goods from several consignors into single shipment for further transportation to the customer at the point of destination. This type of service is very cost-effective for the customer. We will save you from major loss of time and from many problems associated with collecting goods from different suppliers, with the delivery of small batches to the warehouse, with loading and unloading, with the formation of containers, customs clearance and delivery to the final destination.

What is included in the cargo consolidation service?

- Delivery of cargo to the point of destination.
- Filling containers with goods.
- Handling of shipment documents.
- Repacking, if necessary.

Many years of our company’s work in the field of transportation and logistics services proves that consolidation allows us to significantly reduce costs when transporting small batches of goods or small cargo. And why we must overpay, if it is possible to save?


Your advantages in cooperation with LLP “ASA Sadykov A.A”:

* We form consignments without limits in terms of volume and weight.
* We will deliver cargo quickly, efficiently and in a good manner.
* We provide a full range of services.
* We use cargo tracking system.
* We offer all types of insurance.

LLP “ASA Sadykov A.A” provides consolidation of goods on its own vehicles. With our company, you may rest assured that each consignment of consolidated cargo will be delivered within the agreed timeframe using the door to door principle.

We can provide our warehouses in the following areas:

Warehouses in Russia

Tariffs for transportation of consolidated cargo from Russia to Kazakhstan:

cbm kg
18 000 KZT 90-95 KZT

Warehouses in China

Tariffs for transportation of consolidated cargo from China to Kazakhstan:

cbm kg
50 USD Tariff is calculated on an individual basis