Container transportation

Контейнерные перевозки по всему миру ТОО ASA СадыковThe growth of container transportation is a relevant global trend.
For several reasons, it is also characteristic for Kazakhstan:
- First of all, general advantages of containers do their part - their cost-effectiveness and convenience in the transportation of most categories of goods, including finished products.
- Secondly, there are important economic and geographical factors - development of the economy of Russia and the neighboring countries of Central Asia (taking into account the close cooperation of these countries with the economy of Kazakhstan), as well as development of the economy of Western China, and as a consequence, its freight turnover with Europe.


LLP “ASA Sadykov A.A.” actively works with containers of various types, including:

* Standard containers of various modifications for a wide range of goods;
* Tank-containers for bulk liquid cargo;
* Special containers for outsized cargo;
* Container for bulk cargo;
* Containers for special temperature conditions;
* Containers equipped for motor vehicles;
* Containers designed for small consignments.


International transportation of goods in containers guarantees a number of undoubted advantages:

* Convenient use of the combined scheme thanks to elimination of transshipment at the port, at customs checkpoints, as well as when changing the gauge size;
* Significant reduction of transportation period thanks to transportation along the existing routes as part of container trains;
* Possibility of delivery on a door-to-door basis;

The arrangement and performance of works is carried out both by own efforts of LLP “ASA Sadykov A.A”, and under long-term contracts with a network of partner suppliers. At the request of the customer, shipment insurance is carried out against all risks.