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Why people choose us:

Group of companies led by LLP “ASA Sadykov A.A” expresses its deepest respect to you and makes you a proposal for cooperation in the field of international road transportation services, and also has IRU certificate and is a full member of the Union of International Road Carriers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

LLP “ASA Sadykov A.A” has been successfully operating on the market of Kazakhstan since 2010 and during this time the company managed to become not only a freight forwarder or carrier, but also the friend in the field of transportation.

Currently our company offers delivery of goods through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia, China, CIS countries, Baltic countries, Turkey, China and Europe, we provide competent qualified service in the field of freight forwarding and cargo transportation, use of various logistics schemes.

3000 carriages

60 000 transported tons

Currently our company is ready to offer a full range of transportation services:

Delivery of goods by road from Western Europe, the Middle East, Russia, China and CIS countries to Kazakhstan and Central Asia, from Southeast Asia to Europe and CIS countries

Route working out

Coordination of carriages

Calculation of rates and tariffs


Provision of TIR Carnet

Certificate of approval of an international road transport vehicle for the carriage of goods under customs seals

International certificate of technical inspection

Visa processing

Customs registration

Product Certification

Customs clearance

Advance notification of customs authorities (IRU TIR EPD)

Certificate of professional competence of international drivers

Registration and payment of road maps under the charge system “Platon”

Company services

Road transportation

«ASA LLP» is engaged in the international and domestic road transportation

Air transportation

Air transportation in Kazakhstan and all over the world through leading domestic and foreign airlines

Container transportation

International container transportation of goods is the least expensive type of transportation.

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is necessary to optimize delivery of goods along the optimal route.

Insurance of goods

Insurance of goods guarantees the financial stability of the consignor in the event of emergencies.

Consolidated cargo

Consolidation of goods from several consignors into single shipment for further transportation to the customer at the point of destination.

Warehouses in China

We guarantee the safety of the goods when it stays at the warehouse and safe transportation of cargo to the point of destination.

Customs clearance

Our Company offers to legal entities the most modern and high-quality customs services, registration

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