Multimodal transportation

Мультимодальные перевозки в Казахстане, России СНГ Multimodal transportation of goods is the delivery of cargo by all modes of transport. It is advantageous, if you use the services of one company. Multimodal transportation is necessary to optimize the delivery of goods, to carry out cargo transportation within the shortest possible time along the optimal route. Multimodal transportation is in demand by majority of transport companies due to the fact that they allow optimizing shipment costs.

Multimodal transportation services:
* Optimization of the transport scheme on the basis of customer needs.
* Door to door management of shipment.
* Customs clearance in the course of transportation.
* Safety of cargo during handling operations at the transshipment points.
* Information on cargo location at all stages of transportation.
* Centralization of mutual settlements with contractors by efforts of freight forwarder.
* Communication with one employee at all stages of delivery.


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